Kundalini Energy Lighthouse
KUNDALINI DRUMMING MASSAGE Kundalini drumming massage it's a holistic approach that combines: Drumming, Thai massage, Energy healing and Head massage. Looking at the human as an ecosystem made of spirit, energy and flesh, this technique contributes to release tensions accumulated in every angle and dimension of our physical and subtle bodies restoring their self healing powers. The body gets rhythmically beaten using: fingertips, hands sides and fists. This procedure allow muscles, to first contract and then relax. The percussion takes the body into a state of trance releasing thoughts and noises present in the mind. Thai massage contributes to manually realign the body structure, Head massage relieves from anxiety: is a mood lifter that happens due proper supply of oxygen to the brain. The brain functions optimally for clear thoughts and imaginations. Energetic healing restores and replenish the aura producing enhanced energy levels.

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TECHNIQUES Kundalini Drumming Massage Thai Massage Head Massage Energy healing BOOKING You can book directly via the Paypal buttons below. (Paypal 4.4% booking fee apply) DURATION | 45 | MIN Cost | 45£ DURATION | 60| MIN Cost | 55£ Or you can book through BACS (No booking fees) BACS TO : MATTEO PIZZARELLO REFERENCE || DRUM MASSAGE 45|60 ACC 18063101 SC 600514 CASH You can pay cash at the appointment.
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