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The all universe, micro and macro cosmos is a vibration, a continuously ever changing cosmic orchestra that plays multi layered frequencies, dimensions and harmonies. At birth our body is tuned to the cosmic sound but in the course of time our energetic blockages provokes a distortion in our vibration. This distortion is provoked by various factors like the accumulation of stress, problems and life circumstances. The consequence of such distortion it's a dissonance between the body and the cosmic vibration which makes us out of tune and might lead to illnesses of various kind from psychological to physical. Since the age of time the sound has been used as a mean for healing and re connection to the cosmic frequency in various forms and in various civilisations. The healing power of sound has been then scientifically proved in western medicine. Sound Therapy allows to retune the body to the cosmic sound. The sound current flows through all the channels and removes the blockages like water would do in an occluded pipe. From a psychological side, the sound takes in a state of Yoga, a state of complete presence and remind us of our inner eternal child. That child who has not built through life a series of beliefs and walls called self limits. Through the sound our all system access again that purity, that innocence and that horizon of infinite possibilities. I feel blessed and grateful to be a channel of energy and a vessel of cosmic healing sounds. Sat Nam Matteo Pizzarello aka Sahaj Singh
KUNDALINI DRUMMING MASSAGE The combined use of Planet gong Uranus to reset the energetic flow and bring a fresh wind of renewal, a singing bowl and chimes to rebalance the Chakras and the Aura creates an effect of complete renewal. A sensation of spontaneity, fluidity and possibility. The sound of the gong takes us back to a level of purity and brings the mind back to its full capacity re activating neuronal activity and a sensation of lightness accompanies the after experience. A feeling of positivity might follow the therapy. There can also be sudden awakening that might bring the person to release old traumas or tension and this might take the form of laughing , crying, or falling asleep. Please inform of any pre existent conditions and medications . DURATION | 30 | MIN Cost | 35£ DURATION | 45 | MIN Cost | 45£ DURATION | 60| MIN Cost | 55£ TECHNIQUES Kundalini Drumming Massagae Thai Massage Head Massage Sat nam Rasayan healing
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