Kundalini Energy Lighthouse
When I started doing yoga back in 1993 and for a number of years was quite impossible to get hold of Kundalini yoga manuals and resources. Since then lots has changed and fortunately today we have a lot of resources available to further our spiritual growth and our wellness. this page provides you with a series of link to online resources and a series of suggested lectures to open your mind and your horizons. I post on the Kundalini energy lighthouse Facebook page every single class that I teach to provide students with the necessary tools to excel. https://www.facebook.com/Kundalinienergylighthouse Sat Nam Matteo Pizzarello aka Sahaj Singh
LIBRARY OF TEACHINGS https://www.libraryofteachings.com USER info@kundalinienergylighthouse.com PASSWORD kundaliniresources SUPPORT I am always enthusiastic and happy to respond to questions and support everyone who is on his path to conscious living and awareness. Please feel free to write me using the below form. Sat Nam Matteo aka Sahaj Singh
SUGGESTED READS Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms Metaphysical Meditations Paramhansa Yogananda 101 Zen Stories The True name Osho Thus spoke Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche ONLINE COURSE I am preparing an online course and an online class in order to provide teachings to everyone in the world, far and close. COMING SOON Matteo aka Sahaj Singh
2015 HANGOUTS SEVA ONLINE FREE LESSONS Below you can find 4 free online yoga classes that I taught in 2015 through Google hangouts for the Lighthouse Circle Project that later became Kundalini energy Lighthouse (The audio quality is poor from the computer so use all of your patience ) Sat Nam Sahaj

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